Twisted Octagon Vase Silicone Mold

by Bold Molds

!NEW! Elegant Twisted Octagon shape combines sharp geometric lines with soft organic curves. This juxtaposition gives this vase a stunning appearance in any lighting environment! The overall shape tapers upwards, allowing for maximum internal volume while minimizing the amount of concrete needed to hold the volume. The result is a very sturdy and easy to de-mold flower pot that can be repurposed into any kind of vessel! 
Drain Hole feature comes standard. 
Use this big flower pot mold to cast your own planters! Made from premium silicone, non-stick, tolerates up to 450 degrees F, great for resin, ice, concrete, chocolate, clay, plaster, etc.
  • Single-piece Platinum-Silicone Glove Mold
  • Designed for long term use
  • Accurate Geometry
  • Easy-to-pour opening
  • Easy to demold
  • Use with Cement-All requires almost no cleaning between castings.
  • Estimated lifetime: 500+ castings
  • With proper care we have produced 2,000+ castings from most molds
Size: 6.8" Outside Diameter, 5" Tall
Measurements are the dimensions of the mold's cast, not the mold itself (width x height).
This shape is DESIGNED to be cast without a rigid shell. The silicone mold is intended to bulge to the correct shape, yielding the correct wall thickness when full. We designed it this way to reduce cost to you, reduce need for extra parts, etc.