Flat Icosahedron Silicone Mold

by Bold Molds


It’s here! Months of R&D have lead to this timeless implementation of beautiful Icosahedron geometry. This geometric planter is both useful and stunning.

Use this timeless geometric mold to cast your own organizers, planters, and more. Made from premium silicone, non-stick, tolerates up to 450 degrees F, great for resin, ice, concrete, chocolate, clay, plaster, etc.

  • Single-piece Platinum-Silicone Glove Mold
  • Designed for long term use
  • Accurate Sacred Geometry
  • Easy-to-pour opening
  • Rigid plastic shell to ensure proper support (XL)
  • Easy to demold
  • Estimated lifetime: 500+ castings
  • With proper care we have produced 2,000+ castings from most molds

Cast in Rapid-Set Cement-All, final weight of an XL planter is only 4.1 lb (1.86kg)

Small: 1.9" x 1" (48mm x 25mm)
Medium: 3.0" x 1.5" (76mm x 38mm)
Large:4" x 2" (100mm x 50mm)
X-Large: 4.13″ Tall,  8″W x 8″L (105mm  Tall x 203mm x 203mm)

Measurements are the dimensions of the mold’s cast (the final end product that will be produced, width x height) not the mold itself.