12" Geometric Tile Silicone Mold

by Bold Molds

$219.00 $229.00

Use this tile mold to cast your own concrete, plaster, or plastic tiles for wall decor! Makers have used this design in furniture, displays, decorative wall tiles, and backsplash tiles.

The rigid plastic jacket that comes with every Large mold help maintain a perfect cast with straight walls. And if you like your planters to be a bit heavier, or you prefer the bulging rounded look you can always cast without the shell.

  • Single-piece Platinum-Silicone Sheet Mold
  • Designed for long term use
  • Easy-to-pour 
  • Easy to demold
  • Estimated lifetime: 500+ castings
  • With proper care we have produced 2,000+ castings from most molds

Geometric Tile: 12" x 12" x 3/4" Thick

Measurements are the dimensions of the mold's cast, not the mold itself.