Handmade Furniture

custom handmade concrete geometric table modern wooden tabletob custom furniture design

The premise behind Bold Maker Studio was to create unique art and stunning Home & Living goods which are accessible to anyone. Through years I have studied and practiced forms constructed of concrete, wood, and steel.

I’ve worked with makers all over the world to create a global network of concrete artisans, sharing our love for the craft. I love the feeling of strength, stability, and support I get when crafting, and then using one of my concrete pieces.

Concrete is a beautiful material, and its versatility is unmatched. Concrete is the #1 used building material in the world today, however few people have experienced concrete’s true potential to be soft, smooth and luxurious.

Custom Handmade Table

We can't give away our secret recipe, but this isn't your grandpa's concrete mix. This is engineered concrete. We use a combination of natural and synthetic mineral pigments to color our concrete. This results in cleaner, brighter, deeper colors that are completely UV stable so they will never fade.

We're adding a heavy pinch of glass fibers for extra flexural strength and long-lasting durability. Larger pieces also have built-in steel mesh and rebar where structurally necessary. 

All of our furniture is entirely hand made using locally-sourced materials where possible. My designs fuse industrial elements with a personal artistic touch.

Bold Maker Studio has a doors-open approach to fabrication. We find our process of making things inspiring, exciting, and we invite all manner of people into our workshop to share the experience. Drop us a line if you want to take a tour.