About Skandle

What We Do

Skandle is a hardgoods brand dedicated to creating beautiful handmade products inspired by art and engineering. We source local materials and work with other New England small businesses to create the best products possible.

From Our Hands to Yours

No middle men. From design to completion, everything we offer at Skandle is crafted entirely by our small team of artists and artisans in Haverhill, Massachusetts. How many other companies can say the same? It's a rewarding experience to hand make every piece, and then give that little piece of us to every patron. Thanks all, you're helping us grow and continue our creativity!

Our Geometric Skull Design

Skulls are some of the most recognizable symbols, and are found in every culture across the globe. In my original skull design, I used geometry to distill down an anatomically correct model into a shape that barely approximates the proportions of a real skull. What I enjoy most about this design is that only a few dozen sharp triangles arrange to form this shape, but yet it is still so instantly identifiable.


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