Sealing Concrete 101

Sealing Concrete 101: Applying Sealant to freshly cast concrete.

Today we're going to show you how to go about sealing concrete after taking your fresh cast piece out of the mold.

Sealing concrete is essential for durability, and making the surface less susceptible to moisture. This will also prevent the beautiful finished surface from getting stained or damaged by liquids. Concrete is porous in an unsealed state, which means the surface can trap moisture and dirt. An unsealed concrete container may develop cracks over time. It is critical to apply at least 1-2 coats of concrete sealer to concrete objects that will be getting wet often. 


Ready to seal your concrete creations?

Supplies Needed:
- Concrete Sealer of your choice (Acrylic or Solvent Based)
- Microfiber Rag or Brush (Prefence depends on the surface desired)
- Nitrile / Latex Gloves
- Finished Concrete Piece (Check out our Blog! - DIY Concrete: Bottom Finishing & Edge Smoothing)


First: Take a second to visually inspect your rag and concrete piece for any big particles or contamination. Use an air gun, wipe clean your concrete pieces to remove any small particles and dust. This helps keep your sealer clean and will ensure consistency and longer life out of your sealer. 

Second: Dilute your sealant mix. When using most sealers, the solution is very concentrated which is good for dilution. In this case, we prefer the medium gloss finish that results from mixing water with the sealer 2:1. Make sure it is mixed well. A thick solution will cause more color-darkening and also result in a higher shine with less coats. A thinner watered-down solution will penetrate into the concrete further and faster than a thicker mix. 

Third: Take your rag, dip it in the sealer and wipe the concrete surface. Wiping the sealer directly onto the surface is as simple as that. With each layer of sealer, the concrete becomes less penetrable for liquids and creates a smoother finish.

Make sure you avoid letting the sealer saturate or drip. Allowing this can cause different surface finishes and varying drying times. The average drying time for a single layer is about 3-5 minutes. Applying multiple layers is based on preference. Feel free to coat your piece several times to get better, smoother finishes!

Last: That's it... Yeap, that simple. What did you think this was rocket science?! No way. Leave that to us! :D

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