Sometimes I get the question 

"Can put plants in this?"

Of course!

I originally designed the Geo Skull Vessel to be used as a planter :D

The dwelling in the rear of the skull is sized to fit plants and succulents repotted from standard 1" , 2" and 2.5" plant nursery pots. 

I use the best quality Artisan Concrete for making every Skandle Vessel. This material is long-lasting and non-toxic so it's completely safe for the long term life of your beautiful plant babies. 

Every Vessel is sealed twice with a natural finish concrete sealer keeping it water and stain resistant that won't steal water from your plant.


Steps to replanting into a Skandle Vessel

1. Remove plant from plastic pot, loosen soil around the roots. 

2. Carefully trim bottom and sides of roots if they are too large to fit into the vessel

3. Grab the base of the plant and press firmly into the vessel

4. Fill in with extra soil, pressing in a circle around the plant to secure it in place.

5. Water 1 - 2 times per week. Soil should not stay soggy or wet for longer than a day.

6. Try not to move the plant around too much during the first 3-6 weeks while it grows new roots to secure itself!