People Everywhere Are Making With Concrete - And Why That’s Good For Everyone

I took some time to reflect this week on just how many small businesses and makers from around the globe are making with our molds!

In the last year, we have shipped to 67 Countries....


Thousands of molds....

Some of our most popular locations around the world are the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, and Brazil. Some unexpected locations we’ve shipped molds to are Alaska, Trinidad & Tobogo, Hawaii, South Korea, and New Zealand..

Why This Is Good For Everyone

It thrills us to see the world of concrete grow and expand into all kinds of artistic areas. We see our friends, colleagues and clients develop wonderful products with our molds, sometimes in ways we never would have imagined!

I believe this collective growth is a positive thing for everyone in the industry! As more makers and artisans adopt the ease-of-use of concrete and our molding techniques, the broader the collective knowledge becomes. We are constantly working to deliver more knowledge and content regarding molding and moldmaking, casting, and finishing. And we are happy to see other content creators starting to get involved in the DIY movement. All of this crowd-sourced content builds into the accessible knowledge on the subject, and it is the knowledge and experience of others that will empower new people to take up the craft.

Lowering the Cost of Materials

Simple economics, as the demand for a product rises, the price falls. This effect may not be immediately significant, but on the scale of months to years, the price of raw materials like pigments, resins, artisan concrete mixes, molds and tools, CSA cements, and other additives can all be effected by worldwide demand. As more people begin to use these materials, the general cost decreases, and access to the materials increases.

Increase demand

More people making objects in resin, wax or concrete can actually mean an increased demand. Concrete has been used for decorative and homegoods items for decades, but it is in trend right now due to it’s many physical, aesthetic, and environmental benefits. As more concrete goods are made, the general publics idea about concrete goods may be solidified. The ceramics and clay industry is many times larger the artisan concrete industry, and this also leeches into peoples perceptions. As more concrete is used, and more people become familiar with it, more people will be influenced to opt for a concrete item instead of a ceramic or glass item. I see it a lot now in furniture, where rough industrial concrete is being desired more over traditional marble or granite!

Support of a network

A network emerges from the interconnectedness of a system. The system of Makers across the globe is growing and strengthening every day. As more people get making with concrete, the community will grow. This community will harbor a collective knowledge and wisdom, and hopefully the people within that community are happy and willing to share and help others. There is plenty of room in this world for everyones craft. We just need to find what is unique about us, and what we can offer to the world!

Thank you for reading, please reach out if you have an interesting story about your casting adventures around the world!