New Video: 3" and 4" Cylinder Mold Highlights and How they Compare to Our Previous Molds

We're excited to release two new molds from Bold Maker Studio!

3" Straight Cylinder Silicone Mold

4" Straight Cylinder Silicone Mold

These are no doubt the finest molds we've ever produced. These versatile molds are made from 100% platinum silicone for the best quality and longest life possible!

You can use these molds with concrete, cement, plaster, resin, cork, clay, alginate, ... you name it! The platinum silicone does NOT require mold release agents, however if you are casting Resin or urethane I recommend using some universal mold release spray. 

Check out our new Video for more information about our new Cylinder molds and how they compare to our previous cylinder molds