How to Mix Dark-Gray Concrete

In this blog you'll learn how to use mineral pigments for coloring concrete.

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The color we are aiming for is a Dark-Gray, for a nice dark industrial surface finish that fits well in any color palette. 

Pigments Used: 

- Super Black Pigment

Here are two easy-to-follow formulas for use with Cement-All. For more information about cement-all, check out our blog here!  

Formula (A)

1000 g Cement-All
190 g Water
6 g Super Black Pigment

Formula (B)

700 g Cement-All
300 g Sand
190 g Water
6 g Super Black Pigment
These formulas are examples, don't fear experimenting with your mix! These are also based on 1,000 gram "batches" as I call. When casting many molds, it is easy to cast larger batches like 5,000g at a time. In this case, you can easily multiply all of your ingredients by 5.
5,000g Cement-All
950g Water
30g Black Pigment
This mixture has the same ratios, so it should come out to be the same color as the mix described above. 
1. Weigh out the Water
2. Add Pigmment
3. Add Cement
4. Mix for 1-2 minutes until smooth & uniform
5. Pour & wait 20-30 minutes
6. De-mold, & repeat

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