Concrete Mixing Recipe Card - PDF For Download

Print your own!

For years I've been experimenting with concrete mixes, everything from basic sidewalk-concrete to the finest artisan concrete. We've cast thousands and thousands of batches here, experimenting with different ratios, pigments, and patterns. 

Isn't it frustrating when you finally achieve that perfect pour, the perfect consistency, or the perfect color, and then you realize you can't replicate it! 

We've since developed this simple spreadsheet to help us keep track of our mixes. This allows us to test new colors, new additives, and new water ratios and makes it easy to keep notes on which mixes worked well and which didn't.

After just a few casting sessions using this tool, I guarantee you will begin to see improvements in quality and consistency, as well as your understanding and knowledge of how concrete behaves!

Download the PDF file below to start keeping track of your concrete mixes! Includes 2 example mixes!

Also includes tips and tricks for how to get the best possible castings, and tips for avoiding cracking issues. 

Download PDF here