Breathe it. Pass it. The Share Holder

Joints are meant to be shared. Right? They're portable herb delivery devices; a clever and streamline arrangement of paper and flower. Throw one in the back pocket and hit the trail with some friends.

There is a new catalog of wares brewing here in Bold Maker Studios. A line of living goods and smoking accessories that elevate the aesthetics and community of smoking. We aim to deliver beautiful products that our customers can enjoy at a fair trade.

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Behold, The Share Holder

We have just released the Share Holder and we are SO happy with this friendly little addition to our lineup. I designed the Share Holder as a simple keepsake and smoking accessory that encourages friends to share. We've packed a lot of great R&D into this design to deliver a functional and unique piece, here I'm going to explain a few of the different features.

Feels Good, Works Great

The Share Holder is designed to firmly grasp most hand-rolled joint varieties and sizes as well as pre-rolled cones. I personally use filtered RAW cones with my Share Holder.

The stone material is weighty and cool to the touch, with a tactile sensation similar to a very smooth river stone. The wide grip allows for comfortable draws and easy passing from hand to hand. No more dropped joints while passing!

Safety First

My favorite feature of the Share Holder is how it keeps your joint elevated when placed down. If you need to place a joint down you're typically hunting around for an ashtray or a piece of metal so you don't burn the house down or have it roll away. 

The Share Holder solves that problem. It holds your joint like the stone held Excalibur's sword. Whether placed flat, sideways or upright, the Share Holder will hold your joint elevated off of the surface and make sure the joint doesn't get blown or roll away. Be confident to put your joint down if you need to. 

Hand-Made, No Maintenance

Each Share Holder stone is handmade. Pure mineral pigments are manually combined with an Artisan-grade cement to produce each piece. A non-toxic and deep-penetrating sealer is hand rubbed into each stone to give it a unique washed look and completely seal the piece, making it easy to clean and dry.


Need to save some for later? If no other safe surface is available, you can extinguish a joint easily flipping the joint around and stamping it out inside the hole in the Share Holder.

Those who are experienced can enjoy little one-hits with the Share holder by simply tucking a pinch of flower into the front and igniting with a gentle flame, inhaling in slowly with your lips barely on the holder. With some practice this can be very effective at combusting your herb resulting in a milky draw. 

Better Than a Fidgeter

You didn't know you wanted to, but it's fun to fidgit with your joints. Not only does the Share Holder keep people's filthy paws off your happy straw, but it also functions as a fidgeter with each face smooth as stone and the edges having a satisfying crispness to them.

Geometrically Sacred

Sacred Geometry, namely the Dodecahedron, is ever-present in the design of the Share Holder. Those familiar with the dodecahedron will recognize facets on either side. The top and bottom are truncated to allow for a natural and comfortable finger position.

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