Can you believe we made this from scratch?

Designed by Jason Matses, the Skandle brain candle insert is an interchangable candle that can be placed and burnt inside any of our standard Small Skandle Vessels. 

To get the shape of the Brain just right, I worked with local sculptor Stefania Madieros!

Stefania has great artistic vision and talent. I knew we'd work so well together when I discovered she's equally into aliens, true crime, and the macabre as I am. 

She has her own line of creations! Check out her beautiful work here

Stefania created the original brain in modeling clay. Once perfected, I molded the original brain and duplicated it several times to create several molds. Now we use those molds every day to create fresh new wax brains in whatever color or scent we decide!

Every brain candle burns on average 20 - 22 hours! And once fully burnt you can replace it with another brain, available here , or use tea lights, votive candles, or repurpose your vessel to use it as a planter!