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Video: How to Mix Concrete for Homegoods

by Jason Matses on

Proper mixing technique is critical when working with concrete. This post will teach you how to properly mix small batches of concrete. Save yourself time,...

Make Art with Molds (and Make Money Doing It)

by Jen Emery on

In this brief tutorial, we cover the process of casting concrete from start...

DIY Project - Concrete Candles

by Jason Matses on

Today, I’ll walk through how to make your own concrete container candles. Concrete-votive candles add warmth, light, and...

Video Tutorial: Casting Concrete Objects with Silicone Molds

by Jason Matses on

  This video features theSilicone Teardrop and Silicone Dodecahedron, but the tutorial will apply to any of our other silicone molds. Video...

Skandle Fan - Gabriella Jo

by Jason Matses on

Gabby Jo is an OG Skandle fan hailing from Los Angeles.  We met Gabby at our first ever art market in Salem, Massachusetts; mecca of all things skully...

Breathe it. Pass it. The Share Holder

by Jason Matses on

Joints are meant to be shared. Right? They're portable herb delivery devices; a clever and streamline arrangement of paper and flower. Throw one in the back pocket and...

Skandle Fan - Alexandra Pettinato

by Niko Matses on

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario - Alexandra Pettinato is a designer, photographer and yoga...

Custom Product - Trophy Design for Lime Rock Park

by Jason Matses on

In 2014 we designed a series of trophies for the Historic Festival at Lime Rock Park. In total we created 142 unique...

Skandle Fan - Seek Axiom

by Niko Matses on

Ryan Kell is a professional portrait photographer and designer born in Jamestown, New York. He currently...

Skandle Fan - Ralf Van De Kerkhof

by Niko Matses on

Ralf (aka Resuk) is a freelance designer and Illustrator based in Rotterdam, South Holland. He specializes in detailed hand-drawn illustrations and lettering.